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"In All our Associations; in our agreements let us never lose sight of this fundamental maxim - that all power was originally lodged in, and consequently is derived from, the people"    - by Mr. Prem Vij
It is precisely with this caution in mind THE PANIPAT EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION was formed in the year 2003 driven by the following vision and goals.
Vision and Goals
For some Associations vision and mission statements are reserved for annual reports, but PEA has infused its culture with the apparitional principles that guide all its member’s business operations. Our Vision Statement and Values were drafted by key members, embraced by the executive committee and promulgated by all the members.

We have a vision: Members for life. To earn our member’s allegiance, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create value in their eyes.We want to be known for trustworthiness, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative services, and exemplary leadership. Growth, longevity and financial stability will naturally follow.

We will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect with the following noble thoughts:

People : An association is nothing more or less than the people who make it up.
Working : This is about effort. Work. We all have a task to do. We are here to provide value to our members, to their employees and to entire exporter’s community of PANIPAT.
Together : Every association/ organization has forces that try to divide and reduce the impact of the total. The more we can pull together, share knowledge, the stronger we will be.
One : We have a shared destiny. We will succeed or fail together. Looking for common solutions to problems, sharing facilities, sharing services, are all part of being "One"
Global : Being in export driven Industry If we are to compete effectively in next century, we need to think global. Our association will strive achieve global thinking and global experience.
Association : Our association though made of diverse people yet trying hard be a cohesive and inclusive institution.
Leadership : We are not here to be also-rans. We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.

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